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I know when it comes to child support in Bucks County, PA there is a calculation that is done to determine the amount to be paid. My question is, what about the men that have their own business and hides cash and never reports his real income, doesn't the judge take that into consideration? They must know that many people self-employed probably hide a lot. With my case, I will have to pay him because on record Im making a lot more than him, and struggling. For him, his life is smooth and declares he had a huge loss in business and he is not reporting any incoming income. I am being destroyed on this and its not right. What can I do to over pass the calculation? Thanks so much.

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Casey Green
Casey Green | Sidkoff, Pincus and Green
This is a common problem, but the formula that you refer to is not the be-all-end-all. You have an opportunity to go before a Support Master (and later a judge) to contest your husband's reported income. Make him produce his business records and prove his income. You have the right to do this and you or your lawyer may cross-examine him on his records. If he doesn't have adequate records, the Master or judge will draw a negative inference. Secondly, if he is lying, it is likely that his living expenses exceed his purported income. Is he driving a nice car, paying a mortgage or living in an expensive apartment? Does he pay for cable television and internet? Has he taken vacations? These are some questions that lead to answers which show he outspends his purported income.

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Replied: 1/21/2011
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