What can I do regarding surviors social security? Posted on May 26, 2011

2008 I took my pay stubs to local s.s. office to show my salary. As both my kids sat there I was told that I need not worry I was not going to earn benefits for the full year { I received only 4 months for the year in question-2009}and my salary wasn't high enough. A full year and a half later I get a notice in the mail stating I owe the s.s. office nearly $5,000. for " over payment" I called and told them what I had been told. They said I needed to prove I couldn't pay it back with out hurting my livelihood and prove I had spoken to the s.s. office in 2008. They went thru their archives at my insistence and found a vague explanation of my visit. I have sent in original copies of taxes and paystubs and bills. They keep wanting more and more. Now they are threatening to garnish my wages. I have also gotten remarried to a wonderful man, so now they said they can base my ability to repay on his earnings. He wasn't in the picture when I received the "not due" money. Lawyers I contacted say its over their head. I didn't even receive the amount they say I owe from s.s. that year. Besides the fact that I was able to prove that I went there with my pay stub and had her in 2008 show me that I would not be overpaid in 2009. My previous husband left me 1/4 of a million in debt, 7 maxed credit cards and no saving to my name. I have sold what wasn't tied down and refinanced my house to have only one payment. However I also have 2 kids starting college this year and so the social security taking what if there is any left has led to many sleepless nights.

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