What can I do regarding my speading ticket? Posted on April 24, 2011

I was pulled over for speeding in Massachusetts I am from New York. The officer ticketed me for doing 93 in a 65 and there is no way I could have been going that fast. I have a clean driving record till this. The cop asked me why I was going so fast I said "I was heading back to Springfield to get my friend to her volunteer job, how fast was I going?" and then he told me "93" and I said to him, "I don't believe I was going that fast" he took my license and registration and made way for his car. About 20 minute later, a crazy ticket. HE told me I could go to court or pay the fine but if I do nothing at all my license would be suspended. to which then I asked "I am from New York Massachusetts can take away my license" and he said "are you questioning me, and YES WE CAN" and he took off to his car. I plan on going to court to fight this, and I have ordered my driving record from NY so I can bring in proof that speeding (especially that outrageously) is not a norm for me. I am hoping I can get a conditional discharge since I am a college student and honestly cannot afford a ticket let alone the insurance ramifications. Can I get a conditional discharge even though I am out of state?

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