What can I do regarding deceptive business practices? Posted on April 28, 2011

I was intoxicated when I signed up for a vacation program in Vegas. I cancelled as soon as I got home and read the vague contract. I financed the program. Long story short they lied to me and did not cancel, now finance company has reported me to credit bureau, and started collections. Have attempted numerous contacts. Spoke with a manager named in Jan. He said he would send an email explaining. When I called finance co said they recv'd email, but it said specifically my account was NOT closed. I have received absolutely NO benefit from this co. The finance co said today they could reinstate it, I asked why I would want to settle a payment for receiving nothing. It would be like throwing $$ out window. The amount is about 4k. Also noticed a LOT of negative posts about the vacation company as well as the finance co. Please help. I am trying to re-finance my house to avoid losing it

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