What can I do or who can I pay to go to her home and get a statement from this women since it looks like she was either coerced? 1 Answers as of August 07, 2014

I plead out to a case after fighting it for 3 years back in 2003. The case was a misdemeanor but they charged me with a felony because they wanted to deport me. The police coerced the witnesses to say I hit them in order to make the charge stick. They even had a video tape with supposedly me even my public defender was on it. How do I know that the video tape was altered because one of the witnesses visited the hospital where my sister worked and my sister recognized her name? My sister said hey and that she knows her. That was my brother and the girl who was pregnant and with her boyfriend who I knew just came out and confessed to my sister saying I didn't touch her and spoke totally different than what was on her witness statement and on the video tape. The witness statement looks like it was manufactured by the police. I’m in a bind her. The girl will tell the truth but it’s going to take a private investigator or something to that effect. I couldn't talk to the girl because the police and court put a 10 year no contact order. It can be proven through records that she did visit the hospital the same time and date my sister was working. My sister was the one who admitted her into the ER. Please help. I know the case is 10 years old but remember I was only 21 years old and they put a 10 year no contact order.

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You would have to hire an attorney to explore the option of a new trial. In order to make a motion for a new trial you have to show that new evidence has arisen that could not have been produced at the original trial. From what you have written, it sounds like you may have that situation, but it would take an experienced Criminal Defense or Appeals attorney to evaluate the chances of getting a new trial.
Answer Applies to: Massachusetts
Replied: 8/7/2014
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