What can I do in regards to my child custody case and cps report? Posted on July 01, 2011

My husband's exwife is forcibly kicking out their 20 yr old daughter and telling her to take their 17 yr old son with her. My stepson hasn't a job and is still in High School, planning to attend college afterward. The mother has no intention of any support and actually intends to leave the state. Their father (my husband) is refusing to sign away his rights and or any paperwork to give guardianship to the daughter or to emancipate the son. We both find it not only rediculous, but we intend to report the exwife to CPS as well for abandonment. The questions I have are these: what can my husband do (as the son refuses to live with us) to stop this from occurring? Can the ex wife get into legal trouble for doing this horrendous thing? How can we fight this? I thank you for your aid in this matter, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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