What can I do if someone stole my credit card information? Posted on August 16, 2011

During the years of 1998 through 2002, I acquired 8-10 credit cards and charge cards in college. By 2002, I owed approximately $9,000-$10,000 to these cards. I stopped using the cards in 2001/2002 and began to aggressively pay them off as much as I could. By 2006, all of my credit cards were completely paid off and I never opened another card until just this summer. In May of 2008, I was served papers at my home to appear in court regarding an attempt to collect on a credit card debt. I knew that all of my credit cards were paid off. When I contacted the person on the papers, from the law firm, I learned quickly that his information was not correct. He had my name and my social security number, but a completely different date of birth and incorrect previous addresses in cities and states that I had never lived in. He wanted me to send him a check for $2,238 to avoid going to court and acquiring court fees. He continued to harass me by phone demanding the payment up until the court date. I went to court on August 20, 2008 and the prosecution did not appear. The judge told me that it was most likely a fraudulent attempt to collect on a debt, and the case was thrown out. I still have the court papers that state this. Now, 3 more years have passed, and on my last paycheck, I was garnished $77 from an unknown source. Through my payroll company, I found out that the name of the garnishing company. I spoke to a woman at this company who informed me that I owe $3,952 to them for yet another credit card that was opened in 2002. There is no record of this card on my credit report and I have never received any notification regarding this debt. I am currently trying to retrieve past bank statements from the years when I was paying the cards off, and my past banks say they need my old bank account numbers, which I no longer have.

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