What can I do if my wife has an overstayed visa? Posted on August 16, 2011

Hello, Over three years ago, my wife came to the U.S. on the standard tourist visa. Within 90 days we married. Things were fine, and she was examined by a civil surgeon and passed (about $250.) Then my business started failing, next thing you know, we are homeless. We have moved to two different states since, and live in our car. Today, I applied for food stamps, informing them that my wife was not applying, yet they still wanted i.d. and asked questions. Next thing I know, he is saying that he is forwarding the copy of her passport and what we told him to INS. Well, I stormed out of there without the food stamps, which we could certainly use. For three years we have been looking over our shoulders, wondering just how vigorously they will be searching for one French girl whom is now married to a U.S. citizen, but over-stayed her visa. If they find her, what will they do? If she ever decided to fly back to France, would they let her on a plane, or detain her? Is there any hope? Thank you.

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