What can I do if my son tells the police that my boyfriend hit him? 3 Answers as of November 30, 2011

My boyfriend is on parole and is now in county jail because my 16 year old son called the cops two times and the parole officer three days in a row and told them that my boyfriend hit him. I've been with my boyfriend since 11-09-2005 and he's never hit me or my kids. My mom also lives with us and has worked for the CA prisons for 25 years plus. We have all seen what happened when my son was telling the police officer all these lies. My 13 year old woke my boyfriend and I up and my boyfriend jumped out of bed and was yelling at my son which the police officer heard. He never touched him. My mom and myself and my 13 year old can all testify to it. My son gets an ssi check for pst order. If he doesn't get his way, he breaks stuff, he lies and he steals from my mom sometimes. When the cops came Friday when he called them and they did nothing to my boyfriend it made him mad and he dwells on things. He has punched two holes in the wall here and has broken two doors, cut a chair with a knife and refuses to go to school. He sold his car and wants to go to Indiana to his dad's mom who he lived with for the past 5 years and she moved to Indiana in April of this year. Well I'm ready for him to go. He's not gone yet. How I feel he bullies everyone in the house, my mom is scared of him. He calls me names hits and all the time I was wondering do you think if he goes to Indiana they well let my boyfriend out? Or do you think he should stay in CA until the case is resolved? I wouldn't have a man who hit my kids or me. Most of the time him and my boyfriend are buddies.

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Law Office of Eric Sterkenburg
Law Office of Eric Sterkenburg | Eric Sterkenburg
First of all you need to call the police when your son is demonstrating the behavior you described. Sending him to live with your ex-husbands mother will not get the charges dropped. In this type of case the child protective service should conduct an investigation. During this they will interview everyone in the household. This will include a private interview with your thirteen years old. Your boyfriend should be released. The police most likely arrested him to defuse the situation. Child protective service should interview the police officers that showed up, one of the question they will ask was there any brushing or other physical signs of abuse. If you can spend the time this should work out.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 11/30/2011
Law Office of Anthony Sessa
Law Office of Anthony Sessa | Anthony Sessa
Boyfriend has two separate problems: people violation and a new criminal case of child abuse and/or assault & battery. To minimize the damage, he has to win on the new case, since that is a felony and could result in a far longer sentence in prison than the parole violation. I believe a lot could be done in this situation; however, if you are in the hands of a public defender, good luck! Remember, you only get what you pay for in this world. Find some money and get a private defence lawyer is my best advice.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 11/30/2011
Thomas C. Brandstrader Attorney At Law | Thomas C. Brandstrader
Tell the police your son was lying, he needs severe pyschiatric help as he sounds like he is the one heading to prison.
Answer Applies to: Illinois
Replied: 11/30/2011
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