What can I do if my sister used my information when she was pulled over for DUI? 1 Answers as of August 14, 2011

My twin sister lost her license in 2007 for a DUI, I went to NH to visit her 2 weeks ago, and she stole my license from my purse, and I found out when I got carded in RI which is where I live, so I texted her and told her I was coming to get my license, consequently she got pulled over either before or after I had texted her, and did not even tell me, but pretended to be me and used my license but the cop had a feeling she was lying because the car was registered to her and she did not have the beauty marks I have, and he took a picture of her, later that evening coming into town I was pulled over by the same officer ( we were both pulled over for having air fresheners hanging from our rear view, which I didnt even know was a violation) and he had asked me for license and registration which is when I told him that is why I was in town was to get my license and showed him my text to my sister, and he informed me that he had pulled 'me' over not too long ago and had a feeling it was my twin sister and showed me the picture he had took. but I still had to convince him I was really me and she was not. So he let me go, but has to issue a warrant for my sisters arrest for driving with out a license, and lying to an officer, I was curious if they could charge her with identity theft or fraud. And since this has happened she has been telling everyone I am a snitch and it is my fault she is in trouble and they are all saying horrible stuff harassing me on facebook so I was curious is there anything else that could be done to prosecute her any further or what i can do to further protect myself because this is not the first time she has used my name to get out of trouble but this is the first time she got caught and the first time anyone believed me that she does this. It is not fair that I should have to go through so much to be myself, it is not my fault she drove drunk nor is it my fault she continues to break the law and get away with it. I am sick of having to deal with this.

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It seems like the police have things covered. You should double check that your dmv record is clear. In terms of people and fb, people are people. I would suggest stop checking fb or lose the friends that are bad mouthing you.
Answer Applies to: New Hampshire
Replied: 8/14/2011
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