What can I do if my partner does not want to follow through with the divorce? Posted on July 15, 2011

My wife use the domestic volience laws to make me pay for her housing for her and her son. All we had together was a house. We agreed to sell it after our 1st divorce, but after 3 total trys and 5 lawyers later, I am broke. I have done nothing wrong but to want her out of my life. Her lawyer had a arrest warrent for me last time and was force to give into there demands since i had no money to fight them. She is being supported by her family VERY WEALTHY her brother is in charge of the FDA. This is just unbelievable that she would go great lenghts because i didnt want anything to do with her. After a total of 1.5 years of knowing her, there is so much more to this story, but I am helpless and I cant take it anymore. I have a wonderful finace and child and I just want my LIFE BACK.

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