What can I do if my next door neighbor is harassing me? Posted on January 11, 2013

My next door neighbors are banging on my apartment walls and i cant even move much on my bed at night time while i try to sleep without them banging on my wall. I cant even flush my toilet at night without them banging. I have brought it up to my landlord and they still to continue to do it. And now they are complaining on where i park my truck. And also we cant celebrate Thanksgiving, christmas or anythingwithout them calling the police. The police dont even show up anymore because they called so much and they find nothing that is going on. They have made up some things to try to make the police to come to the apartment. As in, were having party's, selling drugs, having a girl having sex for money. Which the police have come and they found nothing and also let them check my apartment and they found nothing. And that is why they dont come. Amd we have tried talkong to them but they just ignored us and dont bother to talk. They have tried talking to us but it was threat.

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