What can I do if my neighbors stalk my son and falsely report us to police? Posted on May 03, 2011

Our neighbors falsely accused our minor son of egregious acts against their own children, six months after the incident supposedly occurred. (The accusations stemmed from questions their children asked these parents about body parts, the slang of which we have heard coming from their home in angry tirades.) The only reason we found out was because of an incident of them harassing my son, which my spouse witnessed. My spouse approached the offending other parent, which was when they divulged the accusations. Since, they have filed a police report against him (which was proven false) and reported us to social services "for supervision concerns." Since last fall, they have been "mean-mugging" him, stalking him, harassing him, and making him feel uncomfortable in our home. (They even shone their headlights into our home to intimidate him.) They seem intent on ruining him for life, because of what they perceive he did. I am angry and don't want to act in haste, but I need to know what my rights are legally. The way I see it, they are attempting to build a case against my son after the fact, are making his life a living hell, and have caused him monumental emotional distress. I want to go for the jugular legally! Do I have a case?

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