What can I do if my landlord refuses to fix damages in the house? Posted on July 26, 2011

I've been living in a filthy apartment that has horrible spiders, was never given a mold disclosure, and there is a huge bubble in my daughters room which has now cracked and turned into a hole in which tiny black bugs began to fly out of. It is completely unsafe and above my child's bed, and I believe it was caused from water damage because the smell is excruciating. I have given my 30 days but was threatened to have my rent raised if I needed the landlord to fix things. The walls were never painted, the power was out when we moved in (but was in my name he just had the breaker down) so mold was caked in the fridge. It's been one thing after another and out of the 6 months we have been here we only stayed here 4 of those months but have paid rent because we couldn't find a new place to live. Now that we have one we are out of here, I'm just hoping I should be able to get some of my money back, Right? And the city of San Jose has come out to inspect I am just waiting on the report. However, they only checked the only they did not check for mold or asbestos which I'm pretty sure is up there. So who do I contact to check for the rest. It's not the Health dept. they said they don't do apartments or rentals. Any ideas? My five year old has been traumatized by this apartment and I just want to make things right and make sure this landlord won't be able to take advantage of any other families. Is a lawyer the right person to ask for help?

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