What can I do if my fiance has unfiled taxes with her ex husband? Posted on August 14, 2011

I am the fiance of a man that was just informed by his ex wife that in 2007 while they were divorcing in the state of Arizona and filed married, but separately never filed her taxes of that year or since. He filed his but they were married for the full year and I believe it's a community state. Her bank account was levied by the state since they have state taxes. Now she wants him to pay 1/2 of what she hopes to negotiate down too. Which is a lot of money. We don't have it. I need to protect myself. We share a banking account but all the vehicles and the house are in my name only. Can they do the same to this shared bank account and lock up my monthly retirement income? Since he already filed, does he now have to do an amended return for that year and try and do an OIC and do his side separately. She is trying to do it all in her name now and wants him to come up with 1/2 of it. I am afraid that this will not relieve him of the obligation and they may affect him down the line. He paid his taxes for all his income in 2007. Obviously our marriage is on hold until I know the answers. Thanks so much

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