What can I do if my ex husband breaches our post nuptial agreement? Posted on January 14, 2011

It is mentioned in the post nup that everything that is in the home is in the wifes and solely hers. My husband not only took "his" bedroom set, (that he had before we were married) but he took the TV, DVD player, lamps, king size Temperpedic mattress set, surround sound unit and speakers All while i was at work. I do not have any more money to use my attorney that I had. what forms do I need to complete to be able to get my things back and where do I find the forms? I will not be able to go with an attorney to court due to funds so I would need to know what else I could say or rather how to explain it.

Another topic; my husband left 12-7-10, I then paid all the bills except for a loan thats in both of our names. It came over due 27 days and he refuses to pay any of it because he said he does not live there anymore. He signed for the loan and I cosigned, a loan that was for a building he purchased. The bank told me, he is responsible to pay it also because he signed for it. Who has to pay it? If I pay it all how can I take him to court to get the other half back? I live in Bucks County. Is there a fee to fill out forms and to go to court if I go without an attorney? wow, Im so full with questions. I thank you so much for your help. I do have some more questions but Ill start here. Again, thanks so much! I am super stressed!

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