What can I do if my ex is blackmailing me by keeping my car? Posted on June 16, 2011

I have a '90 VW cabrio convertible and one day the guy I was dating at the time asked me to come visit him at a carnival, which I did. When I got there water from my car went all over the ground so I called him over and he called his dad who came with water and told me to drive the car to their house and he would work on it and in the next day or two he would fix it and everything would be fine. The day after the guy I was dating got mad at me over something completely stupid and left me to walk two hours home. He has my car and the title and he says until I give him the $240.00 I borrowed from him hes not giving me my car back. I tried to work something out with him and he won't work with me. It has to be his way or no way at all. Now he's saying that he took a "bill of sale" to the mva and had the title put in his name. I spoke with the previous owners and they said they did not give him a bill of sale. The title was still legally in their name at the time because I didn't have enough money to change the title over just yet, so the title had my name and signature on the title and it was in the car at the time. He has everything including a few personal belongings of mine. What should I do?

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