What can I do if my case against my landlord is not coming to a close quickly enough? Posted on June 23, 2011

Back in January of 2010 my family and I were section 8 tenants. We stayed on the property for 9 years. Section 8 did not pay them and we were evicted the first time but he let us stay on the property hoping to be paid, which they were, however not in full. In March 2010 we found ourselves being evicted again. While we were off the property they went and threw my Mother's remains in the trash along with stealing over $7,000 worth of property. We filed a complaint against him and his crew (had it on film). I tried 3 different times to serve them finally had to file a default Judgement against them. Finally, they showed up at the hearing for assessment for damages because along with that they never wanted to give us our security back. We finally had a hearing in March and they told the judge they were trying to find us, which is not true, we stayed 2 doors over. They then told the Judge that we caused a lot of damage to the property, which was not true. Now here we are in the middle of June and I still have not heard for the Judge. I think this case should have been over with but being they finally showed up I feel that is case is being stalled by them. Can I ask the Judge for a court date of is it up to the courts to give me one and how long should it take? Also I have filed other Charges like Intentional Act, Negligence, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Fraud and Withholding our Security Deposit Will the Motion Judge Still hear the Other Charges being She has the hold Case now.

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