What can I do if my car was impounded? Posted on April 15, 2011

I had just bought this car from a tow yard and it had a lien package. I was going to get the registration and plates for it the day that my boyfriend got pulled over after he had just picked me up from lunch. I was in the car. Apparently the officer asked me if I knew my boyfriend had a suspended Liscense (although I wasn't really paying attention because I was already late back to work) and I replied yes. The officer gave me a ticket for allowing an unlicensed driver to drive my vehicle and a ticket to my boyfriend for driving on a suspended license, and having no insurance (my car had insurance on it). Then the tow truck came and impounded my car and I was told that I could get it after 30 days (the cost would be 17oo and something). I called the sherriffs department to have a hearing to release my car earlier. I was told as well as my boyfriend that if he got his license and brought it in and showed the sherriff then she would release my car that day. Unfortunately his fines which were in 2000 to I think 2007 (before I had met him) cost way too much for us to pay for. Before the sherriff said for my boyfriend to get his license I told her that I wasn't paying attention when the officer asked me if I knew my boyfriend had a suspended license. I thought he asked if I knew that the experiation date was up because that all I thought he had. The sheriff said that they had me on tape (which I don't know how,the officer came up to my car) He had a license and I just assumed that it was valid because "he still had it." First why was my car impounded for 30 days even though I do have a valid drivers license and secondly how can they even impound my car when I did not know that it was suspended (even though they said that I said yes that I knew). How can I get help? I just bought the car for 1100.00 and I am a single mother working two jobs and going to school and supposed to get my daughter during the week (now I dont know how I am going to do that).

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