What can I do if my auto insurance has not paid for damages yet? 3 Answers as of July 04, 2013

I was recently involved in an accident. I was on my motorbike and a guy pulled out of the drive way and hit me. He agreed it was 100% his fault and told his insurance company Glico that it was his entire fault and there was nothing that could have been done to avoid it... I got hit on the 10th and Glico contacted me several times on the first 2 days saying the adjuster will come take a look at the bike and write me out a check. The second day she said the bike was salvaged and considered it as a total loss. After 2 days they (adjuster and the liability examiner) stopped calling and nothing has been dealt with... I went to the hospital and they did a 2 minute checkup (no x-rays) the doctor said it wasn't needed. They said I have some bruises and to give it time to heal and as for the cuts they said there's nothing the doctors can do for it. I will have scars for the rest of my life. I still have not heard anything from Greco. I did not file a police report on the accident because I didn't want the guy to get points on his license and he seemed trust worthy. I am really scared and don't know what to do. I have no transportation. I have missed a whole week of summer classes and work. They have not covered my bike, my personal items, and my wager losses. Some of my friends are saying that I am stupid for not filing a police report. They say that I can get screwed if they fix the other guys' car and say it never happened. But I have photos text messages and emails.

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You can hire an attorney to send a demand letter to the other driver in the hopes of pressuring the insurance company. You can send your own demand letter. You can file a lawsuit to get them moving.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 7/21/2011
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