What can I do if I was subjected to bed bugs? Posted on March 29, 2011

My question is in regards to bed bugs. Last year, I moved into a new apartment, while a few months earlier, a work associate moved into a rooming house. I didn't know of his complex having a problem with bed bugs to in apart to his embarrassment I assume, or any other of a number of reasons such as no public awareness to a large costly problem, that can affect any who enter or allow a tenant into there own personal space. Now unfortunate to me, the problem was brought to me, now I first thought tough luck for me, and then I noticed one coming off his jacket, which still only goes so far. Then I found out from him that his landlord had been neglecting the problem, the health department only recently taking its little initial action. The tenants are left unknowing what to do, some trying to take the problem into there own hands, some giving up and just being eaten up, no true plan of action presented, and my work associate has already twice thrown away his mattress's, now sleeping on the floor due to being unable to handle the biting. Now I wonder if negligence or me knowing zero about law could ever prove he and his landlord brought the problem to me to pay to eliminate. Should I truly have to pay the burden myself as well as banning him from my place until it is eliminate, whenever that may be. Then, am I required to tell my landlord? I am on a month to month and love my place and don't want to lose it, I have be putting alot of money up to do my part but know it takes time due to how they are. Can I be evicted or let go (don't understand how month to months go) due to this situation. And then I wonder if my work associate is required to pay rent at all while being eaten and seemingly banned from my premise. This would benefit him so he can save the rent which needs to be put towards finding a new uninfested establishment. Not completely understanding of the law in regards to bed bug or such issues or how to pursue.

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