What can I do if I was involuntary committed to a veterans hospital? Posted on July 15, 2011

I was involuntarily committed for talking to the doctor when she asked,"what brought you in here" and I said calmly, like I had been all night,"i don't feel like talking about it" I had already spoke with a psychologist, and been deemed good to discharge. Because I wouldn't speak with her she involuntarily commited me, as far as I know that, "power" is reserved for persons who are deemed to present that they will further harm themselves or others. I was in the hospital for an attempt on my self, but my personality for the rest of the time did not convey I was a threat in anyway, ever. After she said I was being commited is when I got mad, im diagnosed ptsd/tbi Iraq vet, yelled some names at her, then demanded to see the rule book and the staff refused. Then said I was leaving the hospital they had no right to hold me, and their commitment papers weren't signed yet, while trying to get them signed security and staff blocked me from leaving. I was commited into a torture facility. With ptsd/tbi I get extreme anxiety being in crowded areas and public places. And so for that almost 30hrs I was in my room with extreme migraines from the light due to photophobia, light sensativity caused by ied's, and agoraphobia anxiety caused by being in public so I didn't leave to go eat etc. Also my ptsd/service dog was stripped from me in the ER because it was a lock in facility and could not accomodate a service animal. This veterans hospital in no way was able to accomodate a veteran either.

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