What can I do if I have been the victim of false allegations? Posted on July 30, 2011

I have been the victim of false charges, false arrest & theft by deception over a six year period by several different individuals. I have spent over $50k defending myself from all of the false allegations & charges so I would not have a permanent criminal record. I have more than sufficient evidence showing at the time the charges were made, the individuals making the false charges knew they were lying. I understand the statue of limitations applies to older cases, but I am hoping because of the numerous charges that continued over a six year period with no time in between to file civil cases, this will be taken into consideration. I know recovering any monetary amounts is unlikely, but I am mainly concerned with clearing my name and all of the false allegations on the Md judiciary. The numerous false criminal charges have completely destroyed my life including my personal relationships, my professional career as a nutrition specialist, my child custody and child support, also dramatically impacted those closest to me. I would like to understand why these individuals were allowed to constantly file false charges even when this was brought to the attention of the courts. I know I have civil cases to pursue and I would like to hire a lawyer who would help me in this matter. It is also necessary for me to have legal representation so I can fight the $90k child support judgment against me.

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