What can I do if I can't block adult content from my kids' computers? 1 Answers as of September 09, 2014

My kids own 3 Samsung chrome books and I block youtube in the IP on their computers and my kids can still get on their computers and access youtube adult content. My kids' ages are from 4 to 12. I called Samsung and they couldn't give me any info as to why.

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Sexually explicit content is not allowed on Youtube. There may be content that is allowed, but must be age-restricted. Then it will be marked with a screen to be viewed by those 18 years old and over. If your children attest that they are over 18, they will be able to view it. Tell your children not to do that. However, there are many videos on Youtube that are not appropriate for a 12 year old and most of the videos on Youtube are not appropriate for a 4 year old. The problem is not with Samsung. The problem is you are putting a 4 year old on Youtube.

Keep in mind that Youtube is a community. Videos are automatically uploaded by the users and are removed or marked as Adult content when other users flag them. The videos are not prescreened by Youtube. There is no statement that Youtube is a safe place for children. It has become safer, but it is not a safe place for young children. If you see a video you think should be flagged as Adult content, click the flag that is below the video and report it.

If you want your child to watch Youtube videos, watch the videos yourself in advance and select the ones you want your child to view. Bookmark those videos to watch later with your child. Then sit with your child and watch them together. Discuss each video with your child. There are many other internet portals that are designed specifically for children. On those portals, all material is selected to be apt for certain age. There are wonderful internet portals filled with education and fun for a preschool children and other portals designed for older children. If you want your child to view alone, put your child on a portal that is designed for children. Even with your child on an age-appropriate internet channel, you should be nearby to discuss, respond, and check up.

Do not just put your child on the internet. Your children need to be supervised by you while using the internet. There is a constant stream of children and teens who are lured away by people on the internet, or who have run-ins with creepy people who use the internet to exploit children for sexual purposes. Always keep the camera and microphone covered on the computer, at all times, unless you are actually using it at that moment. Teach your children never to do anything that anyone on the internet instructs them or dares them to do. Explain that it is impossible to know how old someone is on the internet and that someone saying they are 10 years old might be a 50 year old creep. Use the experience on the internet to teach your children what is appropriate and what is not and how to take basics steps to safeguard themselves. Keep the lines of communication open so your children feel safe coming to you if something bad happens to them or others on the internet.
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Replied: 9/9/2014
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