What can I do if I cant afford to pay child support? Posted on August 09, 2011

I am in debt bad with child support because they set the child support order way too high. I dont know what income they based it off of but it was not minimum wage and I thought thats what they were suppose to do if they didnt have any proof of income. They order me to pay $1270 a month for one child and I have two more kids that I pay child support for also. They were taking the payment out of my check every two weeks. And now they issued an attachment on me for my second child because they have not been receiving the whole order for him due but thats not my fault cause they are giving it all to one child. I only make $7.50 a hour. I dont even make $1270 a month. And I filled out a modification and I have been waiting to hear back from them so when I called them to check on that they cant even find it and I sat in their office and filled it out. So what should I do? Cause Im having no luck and I dont think its fair.

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