What can I do if I am getting harassing phone calls at work? Posted on July 25, 2011

I got a new phone through my cell phone carrier it was having networking issues so I took it in and they told me to come/call back in a few weeks there tech dept was working on these issues. So I did just that I contacted the store thursday and spoke with a employee who was very rude and wasnt understanding what I needed. I then asked to speak with her manager and she proceeded to tell me the manager was not in, I then asked for her name and called a different location to speak with a manager who I explained my experience and my phone issues. After ending my call my supervisor at work comes to me and asks if I was on the phone with so and so and I said yes, I was and I actually called a manager because she wasnt very pleasant, my supervisor then tells me that this employee somehow traced , *69 or however the phone number I called from and called it back , and I am guessing at this point realized she had a ex boyfriend who also works for my company and she proceeded to call him and tell him about our conversation. Then she tells my coworker that I was rude and I had clients with me. This of course is not true and in my opinion totally irrelevant considering I was the customer on the phone with her. My supervisor did express her concerns to my coworker that this was none of our business and advised me to contact the manager back at the store and make him aware of this, and so I did. He told me he would contact me back in a couple of hours and would investigate the situation. I never did hear back from him , so the next morning before going to work I stopped at the store to discuss these issues and how I felt my privacy had been violated and I spoke with another rep from the store. She took down the details and than worked with my phone. I then go off to work only to walk in and have my supervisor once again tell me this same employee from the day before called my coworker again and complained.

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