What can I do if I am charged with identity theft? Posted on May 12, 2011

I am being accused for identity theft 2. I have mental health issues that cause me to forget or black out things that I do, especially when I do something wrong. I have severe impulse problems, such as that I am not able to control my impulsive behavior. I acted as my older sister to get pain medication from a doctor. I don’t remember the visit or pretending to be my sister. I was arrested, and I was in jail for about 20hours. I never been to jail before, and I have a clean record besides my DUI I had a year ago, which I currently am finishing up my Diversion. When I was arraigned my assigned attorney asked me if all my information was right and I stated that my age was completely off. The day, and year was wrong; it said I was 21 and it was supposed to be 22. I have been trying to get a hold of my court assigned public defender/attorney about some issues about my sister. There is a no contact order against me. I am obeying all the rules and my issue is my sister contacting my fiancé regarding info about me, writing comments on my “Facebook” page, and also she was on my fiancés property after she had been drinking. My fiancés house is where I am staying while there is a no contact order against me. I know I can’t contact her, but can she be contacting me?

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