What can I do if I am being sued for an accident? Posted on July 26, 2011

I got in a car accident in 1992; I was coming out of an alley to a stop sign. I stopped and looked both ways for cars and there weren’t any. I started to make my left turn, but I didn’t even pass the divider when a student driver hit my car coming from either the front or right of me I couldn’t see. The owner of the driving school sued me for $2500 and I asked if I could make a payment for half now since I had no money. He took me to court and the judge asked me if it was my fault, it was my first time and I was nervous so I said yes instead of no. The judge granted him $4000, I had no money so I couldn’t pay it. Today I barely got the papers that said that he got a court order and wiped my bank account and froze it. He is suing me for $14000 and now he had my deposit box held.

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