What can I do if I am being pressured into transferring for my job? Posted on March 08, 2011

I have been a restaurant manager with the same company for ten years. Last week I was notified that my boss's boss, our director was being demoted and would become the general manager of our store. Because of this the current general manager was also being demoted for the time being and would now be an assistant or restaurant manager. Because of this I was asked to transfer to a store approximately 45 to 50 miles away. I was given time think about it to see if it was possible for me, about five days. After further consideration and research my wife and I determined that it was not possible. I currently live about 5 miles away from work and this would add about $600 in gas expense monthly, not to mention my car has 230,000 miles on it and I am starting to have minor problems with it and also that my wife and I just purchased our house 4 months ago and just had a baby two months ago. I informed my higher up that I could not transfer because I would no longer be able to support my family with all the added expenses. I was then informed that I did not have a choice and that if I wanted my job I would transfer, period. After one more day of trying to see if it would work and I could still support my family I sent him a letter saying that there was no way that I could afford to do this, I also included estimates of added monthly expenses. I was then called the next day and asked if I was going to turn in my store keys and I said yes I had already discussed this with the new general manager and he asked me to write up a letter of resignation. I told him that it was not my wish to quit or resign and that I would not write a letter of resignation. He then proceeded to argue with me to why he considered it quitting, in which I finally said look I have no desire to leave the company, quit or resign, and if this could somehow be worked out with me staying at that store or being compensated for being transferred then that would be great.

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