What can I do if the father is not doing his part for child custody? Posted on July 19, 2011

It was November 30, 2010 when my fiancé and I found out that I’m pregnant. At first he was so happy and excited. After 7days, he broke up with me and he told me that he's in a relationship with another woman, which was 5days after we found out that I’m pregnant. He insisted to abort the baby for it might affect his current relationship, at first I agreed because of the humiliations that I might receive from the people around me, but as the days passed by, I decided to keep my baby, then he accepted my decision and we agreed that we will do our part as biological parents. January this year I decided to go back to work, though I’m not allowed to work because of my condition. After how many months, I didn’t receive anything from the father of my baby. I spend for the checkups, vitamins, etc. etc. Today as I was typing this, I’m just waiting for the day of my delivery. And today I’m in the custody of the father of my baby. But he's not beside me right now; he's with his new girlfriend. Two days ago, I was complaining that I wasn't feeling anything and that I need to have another ultra sound but he took me for granted. He has money to spend for her girlfriend and yet he told me that he doesn’t have any money for my ultra sound. I’m worried coz I was supposed to give birth two days ago but up to now I’m not feeling any kind of pain. I don’t have money to go for a checkup. There’s a health center here near their place but they don’t even have a laboratory. I don’t know what to do.

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