What can I do if family court doesn't reverse the agreed decision? 1 Answers as of June 07, 2017

My ex got the house in the divorce but I'm still on the mortgage. He never took my name off the deed. I started paying the mortgage because he wasn't going to in June 2015. He was arrested for crimes on February 2016. He is sentenced to 20 years to life. He will get out earliest 3 years after mortgage is paid off. I will be paying the last 16 years of a 30 year mortgage. He only had it 3 years alone and I made 2 of those payments to him. I filed a motion to reverse the property to me in family court. His parents hired an attorney which with this great financial responsibility being dropped on me. I can't afford one. The divorce clearly states that I'm not to be held financially responsible for the loan. I know the loan company won't let me off.

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The court will not reverse a perfectly good decision. You should have asked the court to order him to refinance. Given that you didn't, You can either go back now and ask the court to amend the decree, giving you the house (and mortgage) and giving him his share of the equity through the period during which he paid on the mortgage or to the date of the motion to amend.You can also just put the house on the market and divide the equity.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 6/7/2017
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