What can I do if a check in name is being wittheld? Posted on August 15, 2011

I was notified today about a check that was issued to me. It was from a sweepstakes winning. I was told to call Bank of America that was located in Washington D.C. They told me they had a check for me for the amount of 175.000.00 and they wont reissue the check and send it to a Law firm. I talked to someone who said that she confirmed that there was a check in the amount of 175.000.00 for me. But then she told me in order for me to get this check I would have to send them 895.00 in order for them to release it to me. She even gave me a check #8855. Then she told me that when I received the check that I would have to make up the total cost for them handling this check of 1.790.22. I called this Law firm and talked to a gentleman about this and he told me he has never held a check in that amount for anyone from the sweepstakes. And he told me that I was smart checking this situation out because he had been getting a lot of phone calls about this same thing from a lot of people. So I give him the phone Numbers that they gave me. I would just like some info about how to get these people for the scams that they are trying to pull on people because I was almost there next victim. If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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