What can I do if at work I feel like my boss is targeting me? 1 Answers as of June 21, 2013

A few instances were shouting matches so I turned him in to the Vice President of the company he told me it would be dealt with but he assured me no retaliation he was confronted about it ever since then it’s been hell on me so I finally spoke up and said I wasn't doing a certain job cause I already had set up one. I was told to go home then I was escorted out by manager cause his word against mine so next day. I have a meeting with owner and owner’s son plus manager. I was suspended for 3 days so I keep feeling like I'm being targeted and my suspicion is true cause the same thing just happened today with another employee and nothing is happening do I have a case should I just let it go and keep being harassed please help I live in Massachusetts.

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There are many facts that a lawyer would need to know in order to advise you on whether you have some sort of legal recourse for this "targeting". These would include: 1. What is it that you are being targeted for. What is the STATED reason for your boss coming down on you, and is this consistent with what you believe to be the ACTUAL reason 2. Do you suspect that you are being targeted because of your race Ethnicity Gender Religion Sexual orientation Disability(ies) of some sort Age. 3. Are you in a union. Is there some sort of collective bargaining agreement. Do you have a formal contract with your employer, or is this an "at will" arrangement. 4. Have you reported any safety violations. Any violations of any laws. If so, then perhaps this "targeting" of you is in retaliation for reporting these things, and it might give you a basis for legal action. 5. What does this "targeting" consist of Verbal harassment. Being assigned to less desirable tasks. A loss in shifts or pay. Something else. Those are among the questions I would have to get answers to in order to help you figure out if you have any legal recourse.
Answer Applies to: Massachusetts
Replied: 6/21/2013
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