What can I do if an officer lied about my traffic ticket? 1 Answers as of August 15, 2011

I was pulling out of my friends house and making a left onto the road. I had my friend and three of her family members in my minivan as well as my 5 month old son. I was following my friends mother and father which were in the car in front of me. We were all going out to eat. The car I was following was stopped at the light waiting for us to pull out and follow them. So I pulled out and made that left and immediately was pulled over. The officer claimed that I almost got t-boned by a car, and good thing that driver was paying attention unlike myself. Then the officer told me that my registration was expired and my car was going to get impounded. The officer was very nasty to me and told me things like he has three children at home and he still remembers to pay his registration and that he was always well organized. After I took the brunt of being rudely talked to, I asked the officer if I could just pull the car over and take care of the registration tomorrow before the car was to be driven again. He said that he was not going to risk 25 years of being on the force for someone that was irresponsible. So, my car got impounded, and I got two tickets. One for careless driving, and one for expired registration. I have no problem with the registration ticket or even paying it and getting my car out of impound. Honestly, it was something that was overlooked in the midst of three children, busy lifestyle and a renewal that got put to the side and was neglected. We all make mistakes, this was mine. But the officer lied about why he pulled me over, and toppled a traffic ticket onto me in the midst. I was parked across the street from the police station for two days where I was at. I have a feeling they ran my plates and was waiting for me to pull out onto the road. The officer did blatantly lie to me about the oncoming car almost t-boning me. I did not see any car, neither did any of the other people that were in my car.

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It will be your word against his. You can file a complaint with internal affairs about your treatment. Careless is a 2 point ticket. It you plan to fight it you should hire a lawyer. You can call me for further information.
Answer Applies to: New Jersey
Replied: 8/15/2011
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