What can I do as a legal immigrant who is charged with domestic violence? Posted on August 03, 2011

My husband is a legal resident. He was recently arrested for Domestic Violence. This is his only offense besides a speeding ticket. I want to get the charges dropped, I feel that things got blown way out of proportion, and when I went to the police station, I had no idea they would arrest him. I thought they may read him the right act, but did not expect at all for him to get arrested and put in jail. He has orders not to contact me and not to return to our residence. I went to the state attorney office and told the attorney I spoke with that my friend reported the incident and explained the situation to the officer, though she told the officer I was standing and my husband pushed me, when in reality I was balancing on the balls of my feet in a crouching position. He tapped me a little to roughly on the shoulder and I lost my balance and rolled backward onto my bottom. I got up and left our residence, called my friend and met her in my place of work's parking lot. She got in my vehicle and said she'd drive because she knew I was upset, though I wasn't crying at the time. She said we'd go to Target and get some coffee and talk. But she drove to the police station instead. She talked on the little phone in the station's lobby and reported my incident. And when the police officer came out to speak to me, I got choked up and she incorrectly explained what happened. But I wrote out on the police report that I was crouching and lost my balance. I checked on the box that I did not want him to return to our residence at her discretion. (She has a very persuasive, heavily influential personality.) I did tell the states attorney all of this, that I wanted him to be able to return to our residence and that I wanted him to be able to have contact with me. The judge though, did not feel the same. And shortly after I spoke with the attorney the judge ruled otherwise. I'm very fearful that he will get deported after his hearing on the 30th. What will happen?

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