What can I do against false employment accusations regarding my disabled son? Posted on March 03, 2011

My son has been attending a disability center during the day for about eight months. He only gets about twenty dollars a week for working about thirty hours, but I figured it was good for him to be around other people like himself and to be kept busy. He is also going to receive work training soon from another group in the hopes that he can work at a regular job. At his last review, the coordinator said that they would not help him look for a job unless he got a haircut and she claimed that he had only changed his clothes 27 percent of the time and had hygiene problems. It appeared that she was reading this information as if it had been put in some public files. I told her that this is not true and that I could not just sit there and agree to a lie. She said that she had other workers that would testify that he came to work for TWO WEEKS without changing his clothes. This is false information. I bathe him and wash his hair myself once a week, just to make certain he gets a proper bath, and every Sunday he takes a bath and washes his hair before church and dresses up in a button-up shirt. I do his laundry twice a week and he usually has about three dirty shirts in the hamper. Those are the things I am certain about, not to mention the other baths that I don’t keep track of. She said that they asked him if he was wearing the same clothes and he agreed. He will agree with whatever somebody says - his psychiatric report says that. The problem he has makes him appear dirty, even though he is clean. He has a skin condition which they are aware of, which gives him dirty-looking skin that can’t be washed away, along with dandruff. He also emits an odor possibly from his digestive system. It doesn’t help that he wipes his nose on his shirt. Before this meeting, I had not ever heard about a hygiene problem. I can’t understand why she would lie and can only rationalize that she is taking measures to put him in a group home.

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