What can I do after being terminated? Posted on April 10, 2011

I was on short-term disability due to mental and physical problems. Prior to my 12 weeks being up, the HR manager called me up and said that if I did not return immediately, they would not hold my job. I returned, with a doctor's note stating that I MUST stay on all my prescription medications, all of which are illegal to use within the company. I informed HR and my immediate boss of this, as well as the specific medications I was taking. They told me not to worry about it. By the end of the week, they informed me that my position was going to be eliminated. I finished my time, STILL using the prescription medications the company deemed illegal, still with their knowledge. When the time came to sign my Severance Documents, they did not offer me time to have a lawyer review them. They said I had to sign them right then or I would not receive my severance. As many of these medications interfered with my judgment, I did so. I am now recieving SSDI and was found to be legally disabled prior to my termination date. Since the company's standard procedure for (even prescription) drug use is (1. rehabilitation, 2. short-term disability, or, which would seem most likely in my case as I had already been on STD twice, LONG-term disability), was my case handled in a legal manner?

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