What can I do about Workplace Harassment? Posted on March 23, 2011

I work for the City of Carbondale. In the past few years, jobs within the City have opened up due to retirements. I have applied and been interviewed for 6 of them. Five (5) of those I was well qualified for but was passed up. The HR administrator is hiring those people who are under 40 (I'm 51) and the last job, Administrative Secretary in the Legal Dept. was a sure fit for me. They even advertised that "legal experience is preferred," the woman they hired has none. Also, in my dept. my supervisor, the Finance Director, decided that his Administrative Assistant should be my supervisor too. So I am the only employee that has 2 supervisors even though I never do any work with the Administrative Assistant! I have received harassing memos too. Just the other day I came back from lunch and had a binder of our Proposed Budget sitting in my "in" tray with a post it not on it from her stating that I should act accordingly per the attached memo which stated to the public the viewing dates and times for the "Proposed Budget." I emailed her an asked what she wanted me to do with it, and I was being a little sarcastic and said "do you want me to walk it over the 10 feet to the sitting area?” She emailed me back "Exactly." Walk it over 10 feet? I am still dumbfounded. This was harassment and a power play. Do I have any recourse? I have also sent the HR Administrator the lewd emails I get from my Supervisor, the Finance Director, and nothing has been done. Thanks.

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