What can I do about a verbally abusive roommate? Posted on May 03, 2011

A woman I met recently and I decided to apply for an apartment together. We spoke often about the living arrangements and it was understood that we would split costs evenly, that my caged pets would be in the living room, and that I could use the spare bedroom for storage until I could make other arrangements for those belongings. We moved in to our new place on 4/16/2011, and she kicked off our tenancy by screaming at one of the leasing consultants and uttering racist remarks about her during our move-in. For the first 2 weeks I spent most of my time 3 hours away at my previous residence. While driving back on 4/30 I received text messages from her demanding I also pay rent on the spare bedroom and living room. I agreed to move the animals into my room, but told her that our agreement allowed me to have my things in the spare room until I could come up with the time and the money to move them; I would not be paying more than my half. For several days she refused to pay her full half, then threatened to move out. When I said that's fine, she decided that instead she was going to stay, rent-free. Soon after, she screamed at me for roughly an hour about my refusal to pay, but the confrontation ended when out of nowhere she broke down crying and hugging me, apologetically agreeing to give me to 6/1 to have my things out before we reviewed the distribution of rent. The next day she informed me she wanted to replace the living room furniture, so I would need to also get rid of my sofas and dining set. I told her I wasn't selling my things and couldn't afford storage, so we would have to talk it over when I had time. She immediately started screaming again, calling me names, and said "she will fight with me every day, she doesn't care." I went to to the police, but they said there was nothing they could do about this behavior, even though it is preventing me from earning my living from my home office. I fear for the safety of my self, pets, and property.

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