What can I do about unbearable work conditions? Posted on July 29, 2011

I have a friend that works in a store that is so hot everything is melting in the store. You can only stay 5 minutes in the store. It is always 90+ in that store and the ac unit runs all the time but the owner says that the unit cant keep up. He wont buy a bigger one because he rents, and they make 3000 plus a day there. The employees dont get brakes and are only given a bag of ice. 2 employees quit and one passed out. His answer was to put regular fans that push hot air around the store. They even keep the doors open and the 90+ heat out side is better than the 90+ in the store. We are having a heat wave and its hotter in the store than outside the store. Who can I call in order to help them in that sweat shop?

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