What can I do about a roommate threatening to break into my locked separate room? Posted on July 02, 2011

I have been living with two roommates for the past year. The situation began to deteriorate early on. One roommate began having parties at the house very frequently and often disturbed our neighbors in an upscale neighborhood. When I'd come home from traveling, I'd discover my bed filled with dirty articles of clothing, dirt, and vomit all over my bathroom. I own a legally registered weapon and have tens of thousands of dollars of property in my room. I placed a lock on my door. As the problems continued, I decided to move out. I will be released from the lease in 30 days. I have told the roommate I am more than willing to schedule times to show the room. His response was to threaten me with taking a drill to my door if I don't give him complete open access. Do I have to give him access and if he breaks into my room/damages the door, do I have any recourse?

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