What can I do about embellished malicious destruction of property charges? Posted on July 28, 2011

I wrote on the cars window of this girl I know with a water based window chalk. I made sure when I bought it that it comes off with ease and causes absolutely no damage. I made sure to only write on the window to ensure no damage was caused. I am aware it was wrong I was quite intoxicated at time which is no excuse. She filed malicious destruction of property charges claiming the damage was $350-475. I offered her to settle out of court thinking that it did not need to go that far. I even offered to give her a check for the annoyance factor and to have her car detailed. She denied. I'm aware it was wrong but malicious destruction of property is a big extreme on top of the fact that there's no way the window chalk caused $350-475 in damages what do I do? How do I go about defending myself in court?

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