What can I do about duplicate judgements on the same debt? 1 Answers as of August 09, 2011

I bought a truck from Ford, Due to an injury where my disability didn't arrive in time, they repossessed my truck, I was unable to return to work for several months. Then, they filed a judgment against me through the court systems. Once they couldn't garnish my wages, they filed a second judgment against me for the same debt. This time it was for any real estate I owned, which I haven't any, according to FTC and FCRA it is against the law for a debt to be listed twice, but how can an attorney do this knowing he is breaking the law? I am now on total disability due to a terminal illness, my doctors say I will die if I can't get a vehicle that has air to keep me out of the heat, and need to find a cheap house, a rent to own, I don't have but a very few years left and when I go, I would love to have my own house. Can any of you please help me? I can't afford to pay much, being on disability, but I can make some kind of arrangements with you. I just really hate it when people think they can get away with things like this knowing they are breaking the laws they are supposed to uphold. He told me there a few of you here that can help me, so please, contact me.

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It sounds like they filed what is called a deficiency judgment against you which is the money which was still owed on the truck after they sold it at auction. The second judgment isnt really a judgment but the enforcement of the judgment. Massachusetts allows the filing of a separate lawsuit once a judgment is entered typically through what is called Supplemental process. I would be pleased to speak with you. You will have to email or call me since your contact information is not given out in this forum.
Answer Applies to: Massachusetts
Replied: 8/9/2011
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