What can be done regarding hearsay, prescriptions and meth accusations? Posted on March 12, 2011

My friends were accused of selling prescription pills to a person that was recently revoked for a dirty UA - Person told law enforcement that the pills were forced on them. Also tested positive for meth. Told law enforcement the person was held down against their will and injected (although the person accusing is on probation for meth use and pills - 4th time in rehab) Police arrive, No warrant to question supposed seller. Asked to provide prescriptions and bottles, which all match and person agrees without hesitation. Law enforcement seize all (even those still in bag from the pharmacy a hour before), provide no receipt, and leave. Doctors confirm all legit. Next morning police return and arrest suspect for being asleep while toddlers are awake. Take to jail and told would be charged for child endangerment. Released without charges or pending charges 21 hours later. Law enforcement retains medication, including anti-seizure meds and still no receipt. Tells suspect this is their county and they don't have to do receipts if they dont want to. Does this sound normal?! And if this IS indeed a illegal issue, what would be the recourse to take against the county and law enforcement? I am not the involved party but will be more than happy to connect you to them.

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