What can be done if there was an American passport theft overseas? Posted on March 20, 2011

I am an Indian national and have been married to an Indian national as well,we have a daughter(about 2 yrs old)who is an American citizen by birth.I stayed in IL for about 2 yrs and was forcibly sent back to India by my husband.He is still in USA working on H1b visa,I was on dependent H4 visa,which has expired now.My self and my infant had been focibly sent and since then he has abandoned us.Its been nearly 8months now.We are in India.As soon as we came to India my daughter's American passport had been stolen by my in-laws and had been mailed to my husband to US,without my knowledge,I have lodged a police complaint in India regarding this,but the police has not been able to recover the passport,due to my husband's absence in India.Now he has abandoned us and is not ready to give her passport back,neither is he calling us back.We are totally stuck here in India.What can I do to get him to India??If he comes here the problems could be solved,I have contacted the local US embassy about this,they say if I need to apply for a new passport for her,i need the signs of both the parents,which he won't be ready to give,as his main aim is to torture us.I do not have a family in India,my parents stay outside India,have been staying in my relatives house.I have contacted his contacted his employer about this but dont know how much action will be taken.One more thing I would like to inform is,he is persently working for employer A and has applied for a GC through employer B,without employer one's notice,and even the 1st phase is over,is this legal?He has another 1.5yrs to complete his 6yrs H1B Visa status to work in US. His 4yrs visa got expired and has been extended by employer A presently.If this is not legal,which is the authority I can inform so that action can be taken on him and could be fired from his job or deported from US to India.I want him to be sent here immediately.

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