What are the steps that should be taken when initiating a divorce? Posted on January 14, 2011

I have been separated (not legally) from my husband for over a 18 months. I've decided that I want to go through with getting a divorce this year, but I'm unsure of what I need to do.

We are both on good terms and share custody of the 2 children we have together. I do not ask for child support but in return he pays for daycare every week for our son which is $175 a week. He doesn't have a real job, so sometimes I worry about financial security. He works odd jobs here and there, some reported some under the table. I am not going to ask for additional child support only for him to agree to help with half of the children's medical/dental expenses.

I looked into just filing online but I'm worried about the financial form. I read in fine print that if we share custody the parent who makes more money has to pay support to the other parent. Is this true? He does not make a set amount of money and I earn more than he does. I struggle and without him paying at least daycare I'd be in serious trouble.

Should we look into mediation? We have no assets to split and like I said, we are on good terms. I also am unsure what to do about filing taxes this coming year. I'd like to do them married but separated and claim both kids. But am I allowed to do that since he pays daycare? I was going to let him claim 1 child every year going forward except this year since I'll probably be the one paying mostly for this divorce since he never knows when and where his next job will be.

I just need some guidance. Thanks.

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