What are some of the legal issues that may arise when creating a disinfectant product? 7 Answers as of November 01, 2013

I am working with a group that is trying to create dish wipes. With this being said, we are trying to create wipes that people can use to clean their dishes instead of them using soap and water. What are some legal issues we can expect to run into ?

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Law Office of Kirk Buhler
Law Office of Kirk Buhler | Kirk A Buhler
There could be a number of issues, including but not limited to, product safety, insurance, patent infringement, governmental regulations for the chemical, waste treatment. I don't know the technical expertise of the people on your team, but a general business law attorney can handle most of your needs and can eliminate or minimize future legal issue
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 11/1/2013
Banner & Witcoff, Ltd. | Ernie Linek
Every legal issue you can think of comes into play here: SOME include; Safety of the product. Registration of the product with various agencies for approved use by customers. Product composition - potential patent issues. Product name - potential trademark issues. You should search the internet for issues related to the launch of new consumer products. Then you should hire a lawyer that specializes in new consumer product releases for further assistance.
Answer Applies to: Massachusetts
Replied: 11/1/2013
Mark S. Hubert PC
Mark S. Hubert PC | Mark Hubert
Sorry I can address the legal issues involved in getting your product patented only.
Answer Applies to: Oregon
Replied: 11/1/2013
Gerald R. Black, Esq.
Gerald R. Black, Esq. | Gerald R. Black
I am an intellectual property attorney. If you develop a product that works, there is always the chance that there may be an infringement with the Patents of another. You would be well-advised to determine the technology that is in the public domain. Also, you would be well-advised to develop a patent portfolio of your own. These issues need be investigated whenever someone develops a product that is technology driven Of course, if the product does not work, and people become ill from using these recycled soiled dishes, you will have liability. I hope that this helps and good luck with your venture.
Answer Applies to: Michigan
Replied: 11/1/2013
Sebby Law Office
Sebby Law Office | Jayne Sebby
Depending on the chemicals you use in your product, you may need to get approval from the federal health department and possibly the Food and Drug people. You may also need to prove that the wipes actually get the dishes as clean as washing does. Assuming you get past all of these issues, you will face the usual difficulties getting a new product to market. Check your local library for books on that subject.
Answer Applies to: Nebraska
Replied: 10/31/2013
    Tran & Associates | Bao Tran
    You should get patent application as soon as you can to prevent others from copying you. This is important as we move into the First to File era. PowerPatent has a patent software called ProvisionalBuilder(R) that automatically searches for similar ideas. As you enter the title and summary, the software runs an automatic search to suggest similar patents you should look at to see how similar patents are written. Software costs $99 so it is very inexpensive yet guides you to prepare a high quality patent application that one year later you can turn to a lawyer to convert into a utility application for you. A feature summary is at http://www.powerpatent.com/prwelcome THe software helps you organize information, and through your summary description, brings back sample patents in the same field for you to use as examples.
    Answer Applies to: California
    Replied: 10/31/2013
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