What are the rights for a disabled person in divorce? 2 Answers as of July 05, 2011

I have been disabled for 12 years with MS. My 18-year-old daughter was adopted at 4 by her stepfather. (My soon to be ex-husband) He cheated on me with 6 different women in the last several years. He has abused me emotionally probably for the same amount of time he has been with these women. I blamed his outbursts on stress with business etc. He is very well off financially and showers my daughter with everything. He even convinced her to live with him instead of me. I feel like I have lost everything... my family, my daughter, my house and means to live, no bank account, one credit card with 500.00 limit. I would like to know my rights to stay in my house as a disabled person and not sell it. I live in New Jersey.

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The Davies Law Firm, P.A.
The Davies Law Firm, P.A. | Robert F. Davies, Esq.
You have some important legal rights and you should be able to get a significant amount of money in alimony and equitable distribution. I am assuming that you are correct, that your soon-to-be-exhusband is financially well off.
Answer Applies to: New Jersey
Replied: 7/5/2011
Stuart Jon Bierman  Attorney at Law
Stuart Jon Bierman Attorney at Law | Stuart Jon Bierman
This is a complicated situation so it is difficult to give a comprehensive answer. In general, since the marriage appears to be for more than 10 years you are entitled to alimony, also known as spousal support. The Judge decided what the proper level of alimony should be, and if I am your attorney my mission would be to convince the Judge that the husband should pay enough alimony to enable you to continue living in the house especially since your ability to support yourself is limited through no fault of yours and it would be a great hardship to lose your house.
Answer Applies to: New Jersey
Replied: 7/5/2011
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