What are the reasons that make USCIS withdrawal or change their decision about approving you for US citizenship? 2 Answers as of February 08, 2011

I am Mexican citizen, have a green card since 2003. I passed the test last year in the end of August and they gave me the Oath ceremony time after that with one month, then they delay it . So my question is what kind on reasons that make USCIS withdrawing or changing their decision about approving you for US citizenship? I want to know the answer for this question, what’s the reason that’s the USCIS take it to reject anyone in this case to not have the US citizenship, did anyone knew or heard about cases like these? If yes , why did USCIS withdrawing the approval for granting the US citizenship ?

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JCS Immigration & Visa Law Office
JCS Immigration & Visa Law Office | Jack C. Sung
You said that USCIS delayed your citizenship oath ceremony, but then you said that USCIS later on withdrew the approval. I assume that is your facts. There are many reasons why USCIS may delay the oath ceremony, for example, if there isn't enough space available at the oath ceremony, or more work needs to be done on reviewing the case that only came up after the approval was issued.

There are a few reasons why USCIS may revoke the approval, such as USCIS officer came across new evidence that you are not eligible for the citizenship (undisclosed crimes, child support arrears, lying on the application, etc, or the officer approved the case by error because she did not review everything in the file thoroughly and a supervisor calls her out on it.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 2/8/2011
Law Office of Immigration & International Trade Law
Law Office of Immigration & International Trade Law | Linda Liang
It varies. Plus they tell you. In most cases, your criminal record is the one that leads to the denial. You should tell more specifics in order to get better assistance. You can try again. This time, hire a lawyer.
Answer Applies to: Florida
Replied: 2/8/2011
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