What are our rights regarding our daughters custody? Posted on March 27, 2011

Daughter turned 18 2 weeks later we told her she couldn’t go out shopping because her room and family room was filthy. her & her boyfriend had multiple plates of food and 15 sodas everywhere. her entire floor was covered in dirty and clean cloths. She was mad came home and said she wouldn’t do it. got in my husbands face and dared him to do something about it, turned to leave my husband grabbed her pony tail to stop her from taking our car and she went crazy ripped through his face, there was blood everywhere and took off. We got the car back but she took off with boyfriend. We called police for help and they arrested my husband because he pulled hair first he was aggressor. The boyfriends parents are causing us a world of trouble. They argued with the police for 30 mins until they put bond conditions on his release. They bought her a prom dress and gave her a cell phone blocked my number. I refused to give my daughter all of her belongings until I sat down and talked with her. They called defacs. put my 4 other children through a horrible time. (Defacs is on our side and finds nothing wrong). so basically I have 2 questions do we have legal action against his parents for basically alienating us from our daughter? And secondly the boyfriend texted my 15 year old daughter and demanded my 18 year old daughters belongings be brought to her by Monday. Do they have any legal right? most of her clothes we bought for the 2 girls to share. If she starts taking them then my other daughter will not have cloths. We love our daughter very much and want her home. We were told by defacs that we did not have to give her anything she was 18 and she left our home. A friend of mine told me that she could have the police escort her over and basically take whatever she wants. We need advise on our rights.

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